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Monday! A Fresh Start and a Happy Place!

Well it has certainly been a while, hasn't it? Time to start anew, refreshed and ready to go on this adventure. What lays beyond those doors on this Monday adventure?

Monday here at the homestead includes laundry, so it seems fitting that recently while spending the day doing this never ending chore, I decided that my laundry "room" was really boring, lackluster, and a real snoozeville of a place...definitely NOT a happy place. Time to change that I say! So I did! Here is what it looked like before...

and here is what it looks like now...

Much, much more friendly isn't it? This was a simple presto, change-o that took very little time, money, and no energy on Stoney's part (remember the last time in our mudroom?) In fact, he probably doesn't even know this metamorphosis took place!

It all started last April when while visiting The Princess I was looking for a change pot for the laundry room. I happened upon a booth at an antique mall with 50% off going out of business sale. Enter this cute little honey pot for $5. Quarters fit through the opening (for those rare high-dollar laundry days) and I thought the black would go well with the brightly colored laundry essentials that live in this center of the Monday universe. Now I have an inspiration piece, what next? I knew I wanted something bee related.

I could paint on the wall.
Nope, don't want to have to move the washer and dryer out, take down the shelving and otherwise rehab a freshly painted white wall. And painting some bees on the wall would require more bending and stretching than my wii yoga workout.

I could paint canvas pictures.
Nope, have you priced even a small canvas...and I needed 4 for something that no one would most likely ever see.

I could print off some pretty bee pics and frame. Maybe even utilize some scrapbook embellishments.
Possible, need to find some really cheap frames tho...and start digging through the vast Internet for happy bee pictures. Oh, well off to Hobby Lobby I go.

While meandering the vast domain of a company that I should own stock in by now (if my sales records are any indication) I found the summer clearance items...and much to my great excitement there were 4 little yellow bee plates just begging to come home with me. The price $2.99 each, but then take 70% end of summer clearance and the heavens parted and a bright sparkling light that is my calculator said...that means these are 90 cents a pop... THEY WILL COME TO STONEY'S WITH ME!

So after picking up the plate hangers that HobLob so conveniently carries (and yes, they did, in fact, cost more than the plates) I went home excited to fulfill my dream of a happy Monday place.

The tools I used were a hammer, a pen, a tape measure (I debated the need for these 2 tools, but thinking my "just eyeball it" skills might be a little rusty I caved and actually measured and marked), and my trusty box of straight pins. (Our home is all drywall, so anything lightweight, like these melmac plates and small picture frames, I hang using straight pins...less holes to patch come the next painting time, AND if I want to move something, the size of the pinhole becomes invisible.)

And the rest as they say is history! I now have a happy place for busy bee Monday's. Perhaps one of these days, I will find some happy flowers or baskets to hang inside on the doors, so that when the doors are open on Monday, the whole hallway area looks happy too... but that will be an adventure for another day!

Today I am hooking up with Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. If you want to stop over and see what others are doing to morph this week click here!


  1. Lori, it looks awesome! It's so neat and organized, and I love the addition of the decorative plates.

    I wish we had our laundry area on the main level. Ours is in the basement, and it's a pain going up and down the stairs all day.

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a great idea for that space above the washer and dryer. I have been trying to find something too (didn't want anything that said "laundry" or "suds"). I have never been to a Hobby Lobby but there is one almost 2 hours from where I live. If I could know for sure those plates were there for that price I would get in my car right now!

  3. What a great find! They look perfect and perfectly HAPPY there. I could use a laundry room redo myself.

  4. It looks great! What a lovely spot to do laundry. I'd never show my laundry room to anyone. This house is 119-years-old and my laundry room, seriously, looks like a place where you might house prisoners.