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Stoney's Crew: Chicken Challenge A Two'fer Update!

Monday's menu...couldn't be much simplier. A quick and easy light supper for a busy day of laundry and Post-Weekend Pick-Up!

Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Subs. Wrap these ingredients in a bakery bun (I splurged last week on Cheddar Rolls at the grocery bakery) and seal in aluminum foil loosely. The Cheese you ask, why Stoney likes Cojack, me? Swiss, please. Let the packets warm low and slow in the oven to become a toasty, crusty, cheesy, ooey, gooey sandwich of happiness. I cooked the bacon in the microwave to contain the mess and make perfect, flat pieces of bacon, although you can't see it here! Serve with a side of green beans that simmered with onion and a slice of bacon and a salad. Ooooo-la-la. We use a choice of condiments like hot peppers, mustards and I LOVE the Super Simply the Best Salad Dressing that I make to give it a fabulous sweet and sour flavor that can make your tastebuds dance. Joy abounds when this quick supper is on the busy night schedule. Yep, it is fab.

The saga of the Ranch Chicken Pizza. I woke up Tuesday morning truly stoked about the adventure in the lab for the day. My bunny slippers were freshly laundered and they were feelin' adventuresome. Yes, I was going to try a new development. One that in my own little world sounded like a fabulous idea. My bunny slippers and I were just glistening with excitement! I was going to create a Chicken Pizza utilizing Ranch Salad Dressing Mix. Yep, creative juices were flowing!

I started this adventure by making a crust utilizing Ranch Salad Dressing Mix and butter coating the crust. Doesn't that sound just fabulous! It was! Did I quit while I was ahead? Feeling particularly brave, and with the bunnies cheering me on, I opted for creation. Instead of using the good ole' tried and true Alfredo sauce for the base or even a tomato-based Italian sauce or how about a Buffalo BBQ..., I decided to create a white Ranch flavored sauce. Doesn't that sound just wonderful. Is there anything that isn't tasty with a little bit of Ranch Salad Dressing on it?

Then the troubles began. I was unable to get the white base to thicken for some in a fit of inspiration I added Mozzeralla and Parmesan Cheese, still not enough. It was now the consistancy of thickened water (with tapioca size balls of seemingly unmeltable cheese in it). Unfazed, I trudged on, adding the Ranch flavorings. I can pull this out of my hat yet, I just know it! I add my 2 cups of chicken and let simmer for 10, then 15, then 20, (oh, dear) then 25 minutes. I let that bird simmer for 45 minutes and finally thought, "hey, surely the chicken is Ranch flavored by now, just go with the flow." Yep, I drained the chicken, and put onto my beautifully created crust. Covered with Mozzerella Cheese (yes, more, this was gonna be one EXPENSIVE dish.) I baked and tentatively pulled it out of the oven and cut for serving.

See here is a picture of a piece.

Doesn't look too bad. That is if you are into colorless, bland looking food...but I can do boring white food if it is packed with flavor. How about you?

Well, Stoney and I gave it a try. We discussed the flavor. In fact, talked about our disappointment at the meal's total LACK of any zesty Ranch flavor. Then came the big question, will you eat it if I pack some in your lunch? The answer was, "Yes, but I don't think this recipe warrants a repeat." The man is a saint, but please don't tell him I said that! So I packed the remainder away for our lunches, thinking that I would be able to salvage a score of 4 on the challenge at least.

Then it happened.

Yes, the WORST possible of scenarios in the lab.

When the pizza pan was being washed it was discovered.

The small amount of sauce that had leached out of the chicken while the pizza was baking had removed, yes folks, removed, the finish of the poor innocent pan. Yes, the evil sauce had proven itself to be lethal to non-stick. My first thought was, "if the pizza did this to the pan, what on earth is happening to our innards?" Should I turn this carefully crafted idea over to homeland security for a potential biohazard? I sighed a heavy, sad, dejected sigh and threw out the carefully packaged leftover pizza and cleaned up the kitchen. And, yes, I set the antacids out on the counter before I went to bed.

Well I am less than a week into this new life of blog, and I must stamp this Ranch Chicken Pizza Recipe a Stoney's Crew FLOP!

Tomorrow is another day. A day to look forward to adventure and grand slam fun! An excursion. It was going to be a sunny day so that means, "ROAD TRIP!" The well-documented therapy for FLOP depression! A trip to the nearby Amish community's grocery and butcher shop.

Chicken Meal Counter: +2 on Monday. Should have been +4 on Tuesday (if I had not been soooo creative) so we are up to a total of 16!


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